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Blockchain – future for the economy?

Dr Tomasz R. Smus, about Blockchain – so called technology of Internet 2.0, and about it’s importance for finance, insurance and entertainment sector.

The most profitable crypto-mining experience by Sean Prescott

Sean Prescott talks about Unity Investments AG – decentralized crypto-mining infrastructure and solutions to customers and clients.

Blockchain and cryptocurriences in translation industry?

Robert Etches talks about Exfluency, an ICO-founded, blockchain-driven marketplace for multilingual communication.

How can you raise capital with alternative financing eco-system

Mantas Povelauskas about Debitium Network – an alternative financing eco-system for business to acquire capital using blockchain.

Where can we buy and sell cryptocurriences

Mateusz Toczyński talks about Bitfarm.co.in – a platform with devices for mining cryptocurriences and with consulting services in terms of ICO, buy and sell cryptocurriences.

Is Switzerland one of the best places for blockchain start-ups?

Katharina Lasota Heller talks about Crypto-Valley – one of the best places for blockchain, cryptocurriences and ICO start-ups to develop their business.

Is global tourism platform based on blockchain good opportunity for tourists.

Jacob Mazurkiewicz talks about Travvil, open loyalty platform based on blockchain – live streaming from tourist spots and the best, authentic travel tips.

How important can be blockchain for renewal source industry?

Tomasz Wiśniewski talks about Pracownia Finansowa and Pracownia Nowych Technologii, that use blockchain and cryptocurriences in the renewal source industry.

Blockchain – evolution or revolution?

Sven-Roger von Shilling talks about ICO, blockchain and the best ways to invest in new technologies.

How the stock exchange has changed thanks to cryptocurriences?

Ludwik Sobolewski, former president of the Warsaw Stock Exchange and the Bucharest Stock Exchange, talks about the changes brought by cryptocurrencies and blockchains in the stock exchange world.